【Sumibiyaki Asian Sakaba AROY KYOUDAI】Thai cuisine in the『Hobo Shinjuku Norengai』!! (Shinjuku, Tokyo!!!)


This is HALOO
Tonight I am in the「Hobo Shinjuku Norengai」(Almost Shinjuku pub street) to investigate some of the seven pubs here!


The second house I chose is this one!

▲ Thai place!!


「Troy Kyoudai (Aroy brothers)」

▲ Very Thai♪

▲ Good evening♪

We came up to the second floor!

▲ ♪

So good atmosphere♪

▲ cheerful♪

▲ We can see all the Japanese old houses where the seven pubs are operating♡

Inside of the house is Thai and outside is Japanese! xD

▲ But if you look up the ceiling it’s Japanese old house♪

▲ The menu♪

and the drinks♪

▲ What should we start with?♪

▲ I took『Whisky soda』♪ My friend got 『Draft beer』summer!!♪

▲ our first dish is『Kuushinsai wok』

It is Thai style and different from what we know of “kuushinsai wok” which is Chiese style usually in Japan.

This dish is very tasty!

▲ and『Rice noodle salad』

My best favorite Thai food♪
For my friend, it was too spicy and got wine to solve the situation♪ lol

▲ He says this helps a lot. lol

▲ Squid lemon gril♪

A bunch of onion lay underneath the squid and coriander♡
I couldnt stop eating the onion and got it all xD lol tasty!!

▲ The extra seasonings♪

They are very Thai♪

▲ Such a happy summer evening♪

▲ Foreign beer♪

We are so happy with this place!!!!!