【le plaisir】Authentic French restaurant in Ichigaya! (Tokyo!!)


This is HALOO♪
Today I would like to share my experience with one French restaurant in Ichigaya!
They served such grate dishes♡

▲ This is the place♪

▲ Walking distance from Ichigaya station!

▲ They offer Lunch menu

and the Dinner menu is this♡

▲ Exciting♡

Let’s go inside♡

▲ Nice atmosphere♡

sitting by the window♡

▲ I ove it♡

We took course menu♡
Let me show you one by one♡

▲ Bean cold soup♡

I lost my words as the rich flavor of the bean is something I had never known before and the natural sweetness of it is unbelievable!!!!

▲ Very very beautiful taste♡

▲ The bread is also amazing!The texture and the flavor!!

The main was this…

▲ Mine is the fish one♡

The risotto underneath the fish is so wonderful and with the rich sauce is was such a beautiful art!
I wonder how much time the chef took to prepare this….. I can feel professional technique in each na every detail of the dishes。

Oops, I am sorry,,,,,
I forgot to take a photo of the sorbet and ice-cream…..

Anyway, it was such dreamy and wonderful time here♡

▲ He is the owner chef♡

I am definitely come back again! maybe the next time in the dinner time!
The pricing for the quality served is just amazing!!!!

I highly recommend this place to the world!!!!!