【UOSHIN Nogizaka brunch 】Super popular place open till morning in Roppongi! (Tokyo!!)

Hello! this is HALOO

Today I came to Roppngi with my friend♪

and after dancing we wanted to have late dinner!

▲ at this lace!

▲ soon cheerful♪

Let’s follow my friend! He knows the place well♪

▲ Hello♪

They all welcome us so friendlily♪

▲ He keeps walking

All the area, it is full!!!

▲ He doesn’t even have a look at the sides!

▲ and sat here!

He is seated in his favorite space!


▲ we are having so much fun lol

The atmosphere is super nice!

▲ They make a menu like this everyday based on the fresh raw materials they have for the day!

The specialty is fish and seafood♡

▲ Cheers♪

▲ I am having woolong tea!

▲ This is my friend’s favorite dish! “Potato salad

the texture of the potato is soft and so nice♡

▲ “Shimarakkyo” with Miso dip!

This made me wanna have some beer lol

▲ My friend ordered this for me…!

Summer time vegetables are so fresh!!!
I ate all at once!!!

▲ “Goya“!

The bitterness and sweetness of Goya gives me more appetite xD lol

▲ The vegetables and Satsumaage make such a nice harmony!

Especially the texture of Renkon is beautiful!!!! The seasoning is awesome too xD

And what made my friend happy was this dish!


The potion of herb is amazing!

Thank you for the good dinner!!!!