【ARUKIHAJIME】Unique Oden house appeared in an old apartment in Kitasenju! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening!!

This is Ebizo!!


Today I would like to introduce a very unique and special Oden place!

▲ This is the place♪

an apartment??

▲ Someone ‘s apartment for sure・・・

it says

▲ “ARUKIHAJIME” (“Has just started to walk”) is the name of the shop!!!

Let’s go in♪


▲ wow!

It is a shop (゜o゜)

▲ He is my mate for tonight’s dinner!

He is an owner of a very famous Italian restaurant in Tokyo!(^^)!



▲ This is the 『Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink)

Unique plate♪

and we ordered Oden!!!

『Enoki Oden』

Love the soup and the texture♪

『Eggplant Oden』

My favorite!!

『Daikon Oden with mushroom sauce』

Very very unique and special!!!!!

▲ 『Giara Oden』

It is super satisfying(^_-)-☆

I would like to visit here again♪