【Ebisu MOMODORI】Yakitori prepared before your eyes! (Ebisu, Tokyo!!)


This is Nesshi! Today I would like to introduce a place called 「MOMODORI」!!

It is a Yakitori place!

▲ This is the building!!

▲ on the 5th floor!

▲ They have Happy hour too!

▲ The inside!

The average age of the customers are 30s-50s

▲ the menu!

We fit the order form like this!

▲ Written in English too!

The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink here is all you can eat!!! wow)

▲ The Otoushi was this cabbage!


▲ It’s me xD

The first dish is this!

『Stewed innards』

▲ Sooooo nice texture!


▲ The taste is very rich!

More Yakitori!










I am highly satisfied!!!