【UOSHIN Nogizaka brunch】Open till morning! Super seafood place in Roppongi!! (Tokyo!!)

Hello! This is HALOO

Today I was in Roppongi for some gig and my friend wanted to eat before going home so he took me to his favorite pub!

▲ Here is the place!

▲ They have this bar and♪

let’s follow him♪

▲ Good evening♪

They all shout out the greetings!♪

▲ Let’s go go xD

so full and cheerful!!

▲ Keep going!

▲ And he finally got seated!



▲ a big laugh somehow xD

we are already having good time xD

▲ The daily menu is this!

had written♡

▲ cheers♪

▲ I am getting wooing tea as well!

▲ Potato salad is my friend’s favorite dish in pubs!

Nice texture♡

▲ Shima-rakkyo!

This makes me wanna have some beer!

▲ He chose this dish for me for I eat only vegetables usually!

All theses summer vegetables are so tasty♡Kuzu soup is beautiful too!

▲ and more vegetable dishes!

Goya is such a tasty/ healthy vegetable!!!!

▲ The texture of Renkon is amazingly beautiful and the soup stock is delicious!!!!


▲ And for himself he go this!

Very herby Caprese!


It was a very nice Izakaya dinner xD