【YAMAMOTOGYUZOU】Korean Hotpod with melty cheese! in Azabujuban, Tokyo!!

Good evenin!
This is Yukachi!


Today I would like to introduce my favorite place which is very popular among my girlfriends!

It is locate din Azabujuban!

▲ I came here with a friend of mine today!

Let’s go!!

▲ We already got the drinks!『Whilst soda, Umeshu soda and Woolong shouchu』cheers

The house was already cheerful when we entered in the early evening♪

▲ The chop stick bag says a nice message。

We girls like this stuff don’t we?♪

▲ Te first dish.

『Gyuzou Salad』
It contains steamed chicken as well and with the Egoma aroma, it is so tempting!

▲ and

『Aguri Yukke』
It is a fresh one! obviously!!

▲ Let’s cook them!

and enjoy them with sesame and salt.♪

▲ aaaand!

A hotpot came!!

▲ while waiting for the hotpot to be prepared, we got this dish!

This is a special offer in the Wednesdays and Thursdays!!

▲ and!

『Seafood chijimi』
sooooo nice!

▲ the hotpot is done!

Today’s main dish『Cheese hot takkarubi』です!

▲ Melty cheese!

Sweet hot chilli with「Chicken・Vegetables・Toppoki」
We dip them into the cheese!

and the topping is「Sweet corn・Kimchi・Garlic」
Korean egg dish「Keranchim」is on the side♪

It is not too spicy and we enjoyed it so much!♪

▲ ♪

We put rice and more cheese in the hotpot in the end to make wicked rice!!

▲ I got this cake for it was my birthday and my friends secretly ordered it!



▲ yayyyyy!

Thank you soon much! It was such a nice dinner(*^^)v ♪