【MARKET】Reasonable Italian bar to enjoy avocado and jalapeño pepper Pizza!(Tokyo!!)

Hello! This is Yukachi!

Today I came to Rokucho area located in the North of Tokyo!

I found a nice Italian restaurant here so I introduce this place today♪

▲ This is how the house looks♪

pop cafe looking♪

▲ Inside the house。

nice atmosphere!

▲ wall art is nice too♪

▲ The menu

They have a variety of dishes♪

▲ cheers!

『Green tea with shochu』and『Kaku whisky soda』

▲ Otoushi♪

『Cold Edamame curry flavor』
Pretty unique Edamame seasoning♪

『Avocado and fresh tomato salad』

Soy sauce and Wasabi is such a perfect match to avocado♪

▲ Super hot Pizza!

This is addictive!!!!♪

▲ and this is for cooling down.

Anchovy sauce dip is very nice too♪

▲ Having good time!

They have happy hour till 8pm!♪

I highly recommend this place♪