【TASHINAMI】Newly opened Authentic Japanese standing pub (Tachinomiya) in Ebisu! (Tokyo)!!

Good evening!

This is Ebizo!

Tonight I came to Ebisu to investigate a new shop called「TASHINAMI」!

Let’s have a look!!!

▲ The entrance♪


▲ Kitchen!

It is a standing bar♪

▲ the bar counter!

Relaxing furnitures(*´▽`*)

▲ woo! We can make Atsukan!

Heated Sake is called “Atsukan” in Japanese ♪

In this house, we can prepare the Atsukan by own!!

Let’s order food!

▲ The menu

They are unique and attractive!!

We got『Lemon and Soda with Shouchu』

This drink is made out of Kome shouchu! (Shouchu made out od Rice) and it is super tasty!

My favorite!!

▲ Tapas style Japanese appetizers

It is a very nice presentation(´▽`*)
We can choose ones from them♪

Our choices

Both are just for 300yen each !(^^)!

▲ and this one too『Octopus  ponzu (Takopon)』

Very nice texture♪

『Eihire and Anago』

They are so addictive!!!!(^_-)-☆

▲ The house’s special recommendation 『Kobore zushi』

『sea urchin、crab、Ikura、Tuna
hooooooo………………….     Isn’t this too exciting ??????????? (^o^)丿

This place serves such sophisticated dishes and provides relaxing atmosphere(*^^)v

I highly recommend this place to my people♪