【Tokyo MEAT SAKABA Shinjuku-Gyoenmae brunch】Healthy and casual Italian in Japanese pub! (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

This is Ebizo!

As I heard about this pub where we can enjoy Italian food, I came here to investigate it! xD

▲ This is the place♪

Well, it is Italian tricolor….

▲ haha my mates were having party here ♪♪

Let’s order!

▲ The menu!

They are all Japanese pub food but wish she Italian sense lol !!!funny!!!

『Raw brown pickled in fish soy sauce』

Soooooo huge(^o^)丿

『Stewed innards』

It is an Italian dish actually!

『Tuna and Daikon salad』


『Karamari ink Shiokara』

This makes us wanna drink more xD ww

『Nikujaga -Italian style』

Paprika and cheese is what is making it like an Italian dish xD

『Deer stake』

delicious ♪

『The best of Japan meat sauce pasta』

We expected meat sauce based on the name, but it came like this……

The pasta itself was tasty and……!!!♪♪

▲ Tada-!!!!!

The sauce was in the bottom instead of the top of the dish!♪

▲ tasty xD

In the end, it was like a soup pasta♪