【 KANAKANA】 Delicious Nepal dishes at this price>>> in Nakano! (Tokyo!!)


This is haruence, a girl who is always hungry xD

Today I came to Nakano for good food and drinks xD

I am on a budget but looking for high quality dishes xD

this is the place recommended!!

▲ A Nepal restaurant called 「KanKana」xD

I really like the interior!!

▲ Everything here looks so cute!!

▲ Lovely sthnic style!

▲ Indirect lightning!

▲ Private rooms

▲ We are seated

▲ 600 yen for one drink and appetizer?!?!?!?!!?

Sooooooo reasonable!!!!!!!

▲ Every drink is for 280 yen?!?!?!?!?!

The range of alcoholic drinks is amazing!!!!


▲ They are also drink menu!!!

▲ Foreign beers too!!

『Lassi』was also for 280 yen!!!!

『Baked curry』850円!

It is big!!!!! And very delicious!!!!!

▲ Cheese cheese cheese!!!

『Momo』a Nepal traditional dumpling!

▲ Meat and vegetables inside of the sticky dumpling xD

They all go so good with drinks xD

▲ And the chefs are friendly and awesome too!!!

Everything was too tasty for this pricing!!!!!!!

Thank you! I am completely in love with Nepal cuisine!!!!!!