【Kaisen】Shellfish specialized Izakaya in Kouenji! (Shinjuku area, Tokyo)

Good evening! It’s Nori reporting tonight.

Tonight my friend Ganchan insisted me on going to one restaurant together.
It’s ‘Kai-sen’ a Shelfish specialized restaurant.


▲ Like this. Lol

It is located in Koenji. Just a 4 minute walk from the station towards Asagaya direction.


▲ The preserve at the entrance is filled with a bunch of selfish!!!


▲ Many different kinds of shellfish welcomed us.


▲ It was full! Good that Ganchan has made a reservation in advance!

And 『Oyster from Iwate pref』.


▲ It’s very fresh and addictive texture!

mmmmmm….. yum xD !!!!!

Since I am not so a big fan of other kinds of Shellfish, I asked Ganchan, a true Shellfish lover to select what we are going to eat.


▲ The chef is collecting the ones Ganchan ordered!

They say that we can choose by dish, as well as the Shellfish in the preserver. This is the reason why the Shellfish lovers keep visiting here frequently.

The first choice of Ganchan was 『Oyster gratin』!


▲ The mozzarella cheese is a grate match with Oyster!!

And the next one has arrived. 『Sake steamed clams』! xD


▲ The smell of the Sake steam with clam is beautiful and makes us hungrier!!

Sooooo tasty!!!

Food keeps coming up!
This is 『Sauted liver of white mill shellfish』!
Ganchan says that this is what true shellfish lovers enjoy so much.


▲ I was a bit nervous for I have never eaten things like this but he is right! It’s super good! This makes me wanna drink Sake.

The main dish was this!


▲ 『3 Shellfish Sashimi』

Today’s Sashimi plate was ark shell, Surf clam and Appa (a kind of Scallop).
This is my first time to taste Appa. It is small but the full taste is composed into the small body and very very tasty!
All shells are very fresh and full of flavor!

Yayyyy! Sake arrived!


▲ The happiest time!

To complete the dinner we got 『Miso-soup』 in the end.
Everything was beautiful!

Thank you Ganchan to show me the wonderfull world of Sellfish tonight!!