【SABAGIN】Mackerel party in Nakano!! (Shinjuku area, Tokyo!!!)

Heyyyyy xD
This is Nori reporting tonight!

I am in Nakano to investigate a place that serves Mackerel in various dishes!!!


▲ This is the Nakaano station!

I am here with my parents actually! lol

They are big fans of Mackerel so I decided to visit this house with them xD

The place is called SABAGIN xD


▲ Looking very traditional, right?


▲ yayyyyy!

Let’s start!!!


▲ hahahahaha!!! look at this plate!!!!! Already many mackerels prepared differently from one another!!!

My parents are right! It is super tasty!!!!!


『Salt mackerel grill』

Very tasty………!


『Duck and spring onion Hot pod』

I love this soup…… it makes me so warm and happy…..


『Mackerel namerou』

Why is this so delicious….??!!!?!?!?!?! I cannot stop eating this….


Animo is a must to order!!!!! too yummy!!!!!


▲ The house is cheerful with many customers!!!

I am super happy to see my parents being super happy too!!!


▲ …

My mom took this photo, I dint realize ..lol

Such a nice dinner xD Thank you SABAGIN!!!