【NAKAMURA】Homey Japanese kitchen in Nakano!!

Good evening everyone!
This is Nori again xD

Tonight I came to Nakano as my parents called to tell me that they found a nice restaurant!
So today I will have dinner with them!

It is a place called 「Nakamura」 just 3minutes walk from JR Nakano station.
From the west exit walk to the right and up the slope and we can find it soon!


▲ the slope to go up


▲ This is the place!

Good evening—–!


▲ Looks very relaxing!

Today as my parents want to go for the course so we do not need to see the menu!
Lets choose the drinks then!


▲ Very nice xD


▲ Appetizers!

Perfect for Sake!!!!!!!!!


▲ It is delicious and makes me warm…. Matsutake is the best!!


『Seasonal Sashimi』

the shrimp is soooooo rich!


『Tempura plate』

This pike conger is of the best season’s and very fatty and rich!

I started to wanna drink high-ball (whisky soda) and asked my dad’d permission lol.

And he recommended me this one xD


▲ Japanese whisky Chita with soda


▲ wooooooo this is the best! I ate this wall in a minute!! xD


『grapefruits jelly』

The dinner itself was fantastic and the nice chat with the master and his wife was very nice too.
I understand why my parents love this place.

I am sure to come back here with them again!

Thank you very much for a nice dinner 「Nakamura」!!