【Taishuu Sakaba PING】Japanese pub where local people relax and drink!

This is Ebizo again xD

Today I came to Gotanda area!

The place I chose for dinner is this one!

「Taishuu Sakaba PING」

▲ The entrance!

Their concept is to be a place where people can come to drink alone!

▲ Therefore there is a bar -counter in the side!

▲ Today I am with my friend Yama-chan!

『Premium Matcha shouchu』

Isn’t this such a beautiful color??
The aroma and the bitter taste is also fantastic xD

『Motsuni (innards) stew』

This contains tomato and wine and tastes like a western food! We enjoyed it with garlic toast!

『Pate de campagne』

it was served with bread. The cheese covers everything! I have never experienced this kind of pate!!
mmmm….. makes me wanna have wine xD

But as I looked at the drink menu, I found more interesting ones…

▲ and I got this!

『Red bean tea shouchu』

I have never seen such drink!!!!! Usually shouchu is drank with green tea or woolong tea but here they have red bean tea????
This must be popular among women who love to be healthy!!! xD
Although I am a man, I enjoyed it a lot!

▲ The last dish is 『Gotanda Gyouza (Dumpling)』

This was also super tasty!!!

It was an ideal bar with grate food!

Although I came here around 6 30 pm, the house was nearly full!

I definitely should come back here again!!!

Thank you 「Taishuu Sakaba PING」!