【Taishuu Sakaba BEETLE Gotanda brunch】A NEO Taishuu Izakaya has arrived!!


This is Ebizo! Today I am in Gotanda xD

My friend took me to a newly opened NEO IZAKAYA in this area xD

The place is called 「大衆酒場BEETLE 五反田店」!!


▲ The entrance!♪


▲ Very typical Izakaya looking xD

Let’s order something!


▲ The pricing is amazing!!

The drinks are offered for 150 yen??????

I took the draft beer for 500 yen xD


▲ Cheers!!♪

The food pricing is also sooooooooooo reasonable!
They are offered for 100 yen – 300 yen ?!?!?!?!?!


▲ Many of them tempt me….. xD


▲ Starting with Salad

This appetizer contains a bunch of Watercres I love!!!

Then the next dish is


『Garlic toast』

We ordered this because we wanted to enjoy this dish!!


『Stewed innards』

We like to have this dish with garlic toast!!!!


『Hamaguri shellfish Hot pod』

We never expected to be able to have Hamaguri Hot pod in Izakaya!!!
Sooooooo excited xD

It is awesooooooooome!!!


『Yoghurt with Shouchu』

The owner has investigated all the Yoghurt drinks in the country and found this one the best match with Shouchu!

It’ is truly tasty!!!!!! I never knew xD !!!!!



▲ It’s happy me xD


▲ This soup was a gift from the owner xD(*’ω’*)

Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!!

This place is friendly to the ones come alone and the pricing is very special as I introduced earlier!

Also they have many drinks offered in a bottle at very reasonable price so you can drink a lot xD

And! They say that family with children are welcome too!!!!
In the weekend, it is open from 2pm!

「ホームランバー 子供(無料)」※ホームランが出たら子供はもう一本というサービス♪

▲ The menu says that they have some kids snack and the snack has a lottery so if they are lucky, they get one more for free xD♪

So cute!!!

If adults win it, we get one full bottle of Shouchu!!! xD woooooooow!!!!!

I love this cheerful and humor!!!!!

Thank you!!
I will surely come back here very soon!!!!!