【Soba Bar 1351】Soba x Spices in Sancha! (Shibuya area, Tokyo)


This is Shiori!
Friend of mine told me about an intervention place called “Soba Bar 1351” and that it is specialized in spices!!!
I thought I must go and check so here today, I would like to report my experience!!

▲ Look at this variety of menu!

The Soba menu variation is so wide as well!

『7 different Sake snack 』

I am super excited to be able to taste all these different Otsumami!!!! xD

▲ Unique Shouchu『Piritto』

The Sansho spice is the base on this Shouchu and it smells so well!

▲ Cheers!

My friend is having a Special lemon Sour!

We ordered the food as well!『Pirikara Avocado Zuke』

▲ It is marinated Avocado and Tuna.

and『Steamed chicken with Sanshou sauce』

▲ I am a big fan of Sanshou spice!

I cannot stop eating this xD


『Stewed pork innards』!

▲ Very creamy and tender soup makes me warm…

and!『Niku doufu』

▲ This is made with Japanese Sake.

The melty egg and the meat is so good…..

The next one is my last dish for today!

『Lamb and coriander Soba』

The texture of Soba is perfect and the aroma of coriander is beautiful……

If i weren’t full I would have loved to try more different dishes as all the dishes we ordered were very special!!!!!!