【KAITEIROU-HINABE】Authentic Chinese Hot pod in Ikebukuro! (Tokyo!!)

Hello! This is Shiori!


I love Hinabe and my friend told me that she found a very special Hinabe place in Ilebukuro!


So today I came to that place with some friends xD


This place is owned by a Chinese person who run Hinabe business in China!

▲ Cheers with High ball (Whisky soda!)

The sauce is a blend of many oils and spices of each individual’s choice!

▲ Soooooo many spices xD !!!!!

Then the Hinabe itself!!!

▲ There are two components like this. We put many vegetables!!!

It is spicy like that of Chinese!!! Very rich taste and addictive!!!

▲ The soup….♡


▲ Special select Lamb and Special select Beef


▲ Tofu!!!!!

▲ White meat fish and Special seasoned Chicken


We are highly satisfied..