【SUPPIN】Fresh seafood Japanese grill! in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo!!!

Good evening!

This is Ebizo! I am here in Nishiogikubo today to report a ice seafood pub!

▲ This is the place I came for dinner today♪

Looking very Japanese xD

▲ The owner is at the bar counter xD!

This is the prime seat for regular customers xD

▲ The interior is interesting!



▲ Cheers with lemon cider!♪


▲ the Sashimi!

Super fresh(´▽`)
sooooooooo delicious!!!

▲ They are as fresh as this! You can see them at the bar!

and the Japanese traditional grill (≧∇≦)



How tasty……!

▲ My friend is also enjoying the dishes!


▲ This『Konnyaku』was soo special!

『Eggplant』was super tasty too!

woooooo I am super satisfied!!!!!