【Ginza Espero Miyuki dori brunch】A fantastic Spanish restaurant in Ginza! (Tokyo!)

This is Chacha!

Today my friend from my village is visiting me in Tokyo so I am taking her to my favorite Spanish restaurant in Ginza!

The place is called「Espero」!!!

▲ This is the place xD

▲ It is ont the street called “Miyuki dori”

▲ The restaurant is located in the basement.

▲ The displayed menu


▲ The entrance is like this.


▲ This place won the international Paella competitions!!

The house is causal but serves authentic Spanish xD

▲ A lot of wine selections!

But since we are with children today I must not drink xD


▲ Cheers! With Ahijo!


▲ Paella!!!


▲ This is for two persons xD


▲ It is a seafood paella!

It contains a bunch of seafood xD The aroma of the seafood is just beautiful xD

『Acorn pudding』

woooooo… this is so special and delicious!!!!


We ate a bit too much xD it was all so tasty!!!!