【Dining&Bar USAGI Minami-Ikebukuro brunch】Hidden and fancy bar in Ikebukuro (Tokyo)!!

Good evening!



Today I am visiting a newly opened bar in Ikebukuro!

It’s actually my friend’s second bar and I am very much excited since his first bar is awesome!

▲ The bar looks this!


▲ My friend is having a lot of beer!


▲ We are seated xD


▲ I am having a cocktail with fresh ginger!


▲ This is the owner xD


▲ Fantastic bar-tender!


▲ This is the VIP room!

My birthday is in few days so they gave us one bottle for a surprise gift!!!


▲ 泡です!


▲ They have TV games in the VIP room xD


▲ The menu board is so cute xD


▲ The food is very good quality too!!

I am highly satisfied and it was such a happy day!!