【HANOI CORNER DINING BAR Ikebukuro】Reasonable but Authentic Vietnamese restaurant!! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening!


Today I went to a Vietnamese restaurant called「HANOI CORNER DINING BAR Ikebukuto」

▲ This is the place!♪

▲ We go up this stairs!!

▲ The entrance!

▲ Very relaxing place!

▲ Everywhere is bamboo!!

▲ Our first dish!!

This was a fo with prawn and lemon!!!
It is delicious!!!!!

▲ And this one is Avocado summer role!♪

5It is only 300yen!!!! Unbelievable!!!

▲ This is fired egg!!!

Its crunchy outside and very soft inside!!!

I love it!!!

▲ This once is fried corn!!

And its 150yen!!!!!
I cannot believe this cost-performance!!!!!

▲ My son also enjoys this a lot!!!

▲ He wants some fo as well!!

We are highly satisfied!!!!!!