【Mar de Cristiano】portuguese restaurant in Yoyogikouen! (Shibuya, Harajuku area, Tokyo!!)

Good evening!

This is Ebizo!!

Today I am in Yoyogi Kouen area to have dinner with friends in「Mar de Cristiano」♪

▲ Yayyy!!(^O^)/

▲ This is the entrance after the elevator!!

▲ The bar counter!!

▲ Even the tables are all taken!!♪

Its Sunday but full house!!!

We have made a reservation so were able to be seated xD

▲ Portuguise beer!!♪

Marinated fish with orange and beets!

Its sour and refreshing!!
very entertaining!!

shell fish and vegetables!! /strong>


▲ This was my best favorite!!! Prawndish!!!

▲ I am sooooo happy !!!!!♪

▲ Lets have some Portuguise wine xD

▲ Fish tart

The dish got most popular among all tonight!!

Its very tasty!!

▲ Seafood hot pod!

This is also Portugal local dish!!!
Supppppper delicious!!!

▲ Tuna sauté

▲ House made bread!

These two match so well and we ate all at once!!!!

We loved this place so much!!!!!