【KAPPA Shokudou】Casual and Tasty food and drinks in Ikebukuro! (Tokyo)

ood evening!


Today I am in Ikebukuro my favorite area in Tokyo!

I chose this place for my dinner xD

▲ its on the corner!

▲ pretty homey!!

▲ The glass of wine is only 320 yen !!!!♪

▲ Look at this pricing!!!

▲ The appetizer is this!

Kiriboshi-daikon! A traditional Japanese dish!!

▲ and this!!

Peas marinated with sesame!

This bunch of sesame taste so nice xD

▲ and this!!

potato salad contains a big potion of onion and I love the texture of it!!

▲ I had more wine xD

▲ and this is the last dish of the day xD

it’s a crunchy fried Tofu!!

The texture is special as the skin if fried and super crispy!!!

I love all the food here xD