【Ginza O-JURI】Korean restaurant with unique dishes!!! (Ginza, Tokyo!!!)

Good evening!


This is Ebizo!


Today I am in Ginza for my dinner!

▲ Lets go to this one!♪


▲ Looks very relaxing…..♪



▲ Maruchou (a kind of Innards)

▲ They BBQ this


▲ Mino (a kind of Innards)

▲ Yes this is a Horumon place! (Innards)


▲ I am too excited xD


▲ Kimchi covered with Chinese cabbage


This is the house’s popular dish!

▲ and this is the normal Chinese cabbage Kimchi!



▲ Water Kimchi


▲ Namuru on plate

Our recommendation is …

▲ this!

Its wok rice with Mino (a kind of innards)


I enjoyed them very much!