【TSUNEKURA】High-quality Standing (Tachinomi) Izakaya in Nagano!



This is Ebizo tonight!


I came to Nakano for my dinner tonight!♪

▲ This is the place!!♪

SO let’s go in!!!

▲ The menu is on the wall!♪

The pricing is good xD They have more than what ordinary Izakaya offer!!!!!(^^)!

▲ The recommended Sake!!♪

They have many different types of Sake!!♪

▲ and this one is what we are having!!


▲ All appetizers are designed to be a good match with Sake!

This is mountain-vegetable btw.(*’▽’)



Shiitake is so thick xD woooohooooo!!!!!

『Tempura plate』


▲ Soooooo gooood xD

This place is absolutely a lot more than just a Izakaya pub!!!
I can proudly recommend this place xD !!!!!