【wine no Ruisuke】Enjoy Wine in NIshi-shinjuku! (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Good evening!

This is Ebizo!

Today I introduce a place specialized in baby-chicken and wine.

Let’s go!

▲ The house looks this from the street♪


▲ wooooooooo!!!!! suer cheerful!!!!!


▲ Even in the weekdays it gets fully reserved!

Even though the location is very close to the station, the house is popular( `―´)ノ


Let’s order!

▲ My first drinks 『Herb lemon cider』

It is awesome! Very refreshing and tasty!!

『Foi gras and lever mousse』

Super rich! double rich! xD

『Sunagimo and Broccoli cold arrabbiata』

I never knew that Sunagimo tastes so well cold!! (*´▽`*)

『Grilled avocado with soy sauce and butter』

Looks soo yummy and tastes tooooooo yummy!!!!! (*^^)v

『Truffle Tsukune』

Tsukune contains coriander and the flavor is beautiful with truffle♪
This is addictive!(^^)!

Popular dish『Baby chicken Stone pod grill』

Local chicken from Tottori pref. is so tender cooked in a special pod(@_@)
Such a quality!!

▲ The waiters help us!

They are friendly♪

We enjoyed this place♪