【OGATA】Teppan and Okonomiyaki place in Sancha! (Sangenjaya, Shibuya area, in Tokyo!!!)

God evening!
This is Nori!

Tonight I came to Sangenjaya to find a nice place to party!

▲ This is the place my friends chose!

The place is called 「OGATA」located in just 5 minutes away from Sangenjaya station!

I heard that their capacity is large enough for big groups of ppl!

Wooooo! my friends are already starting the evening!

▲ cheers!

Vegetables, fish and meat are already delivered so let’s bbq them!

▲ a bog potion!

▲ seafood too!

▲ then meat!

gril gril!!

▲ Teppan work!

With the house’s original sauce we season them and ppl take meat away already…!!! lol

▲ looking good tho!


『Mix Okonomiyaki』was recommended by the owner!


It is always fun to make Okonomiyaki with friends!

▲ She is doing good!

We are having many drinks too!

▲ having so much fun!!!

and look at this Monjayaki!!

▲ I am going to prepare it!

▲ こI am professional!

▲ watch xD

▲ wooooohoooooooo!!!

▲ perfect!!!!! xD


Their dishes are full potion and it is satisfying for a big group of ppl!!

This is such an ideal place to party!!!

▲ We enjoy the drinks too!!!!!

▲ もand I am too drunk lol…..