【SpaJirou Azabujuban brunch】Amazing variation of pasta sauce! (Roppongi area, Tokyo!!)

This is HALOO
Today I had a meeting at one pasta place in Azabujuban and it was very nice so I would like to introduce it!

▲ This place♪

▲ It is very popular and full house !

The menu is this!

▲ many many on the wall♪

and many many more on the table!

▲ It took us 15 minutes to decide which pasta to go for!

I got tomato sauce base, and my friend got one which is very unique and this shop’s original!!

▲ They have many different toppings too!

While waiting for the pasta, we got a side dish!

▲ Broccoli butter saute!

The soup came for free with the pasta!

▲ healing♡so nice!

and the main dishes are these!!

▲ woooooohooooooooooo!!!!!

This one is mine♪

▲ The tomato sauce is super delicious xD

I said 「Soo good that i have chosen the standard sauce♡」and my friend said「My dish is god damn delicious!」so I stole one bite.

▲ Kimpira with a bunch of mushrooms!!

▲ woohooooooo♪

It was so true, this was god damn tasty…….!!!!
The unique sauce is also super recommendable!!!
This house create a lot of their original recipe of sauce!!!!!

▲ Look how well the sauce and the pasta harmonized xD

I soooooo wanna try more of their recipes!!!!!

I need to come back to this place many times xD !!!!!