【Nikomi TERANISHI Azaabujuban】Nagoya pref.’s style Oden enjoyed with white wine♡ (Roppongi area, Tokyo!!!)

Good evening♪
This is HALOO
Today I came to Azabujuban for dinner♪

I heard that there is a new Oden shop here so I as an Oden lover, needed to visit there right away♡

this is the place♪

▲ They are receiving many flowers for the opening ceremony ♪


▲ How exciting♡

▲ Very clean and nice atmosphere♪

▲ This is the menu on the wall!

The Oden menu is like this as well♪

▲ Very simple♡

More menu are on the table like this.

▲ ♪

Sweets and drinks♪

▲ The recommendations♪

We got our favorite Oden pieces and some side dishes♪

▲ Begin with cold Tomato♪

Coz it is summer♪


▲ Kushiage is dressed with Hacchou miso (Nagoya special Miso)♡


▲ This Kushiage is Ingen peas♪

My choice♡Very quality peas and the tasty rich sauce!


▲ And my friend’s order “Srimp”♪

It contains a whole shrimp and even the head of it was eatable! wow!

He is very satisfied!

▲ cheers♡

Our drink is this!

▲ Even though I am not a drinker, I took wine coz,,,,

I bet that white wine should go very nice with the Hacchou miso taste!♪♪


▲ Tada♪

this is it♡

Daikon Oden!

the soup is so penetrated♡
super tasty!
and Konnyaku Oden was super too♡

Egg and Taro are also very nicely seasoned!♪

Hacchou miso Oden is so different from ordinary Oden!

I enjoy this uniqueness so much!

I got extra Daikon Oden actually♡


▲ this as well♪

Chamame is so sweet and nice and it makes us wanna have more drinks!

woooooo…….. White wine was so good with Hacchou miso….!!!@@ amazing xD