【Sakaba SHINATORA】 Let’s enjoy this new pub in jiyugaoka! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

Good evening!

This is Ebizo! Today I came to Jiyugaoka to report a newly opened pub!

Let’s go!!

▲ This is how it looks♪


▲ cheerful!!!


Let’s order food!

▲ Today’s recommendation!!

Very attractive!!

▲ my first drink is『Lemon cider』

The lemon paste they use here is very special♪ It is homemade and super tasty!!!

『Marinated Hotaruika with potato salad』

so nice combination!!

meat sashimi『tangue』


▲ bon appetite


『lightly pickled bonito sashimi』

It is marinated with soy sauce and very delicious!!

『Shirataki and chili marinated with Mentaiko』

this was my best favorite dish of the day!♪