【Ebisu Kushiage RYU】Crispy Kushiage in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

Hello! This is Nesshi!

Today I came to Ebisu on Sunday!!! to enjoy the city at maximal degree!

I would like to report my experience in a Kushiage place here!


It looks this xD

▲ It is close to Ebisu shrine!

Even in Sunday evening, the house was full of regular customers!

▲ Inside the house!

The bar counter was also busy!

I am with my senior Ushi tonight by the way♪

▲ and me

▲ with beer xD

Let’s order food♪

▲ Drink menu♪

▲ Food menu♪

We have ordered『Garlic』『Asparagus』『Tender beef』『Beef kastu』『Onion』

▲ Here they are!

Let’s have them xD

With the house’s special sauce! I first go for 『Tender beef』

▲ yayyyyy

▲ done!

▲ suer!!

It is real tender!

▲ mm…… so good to eat it when it is still hot!

The crispiness is addictive!!

They have a special technique to make this so crispy! They control the temperature of the oil to cook it each time..!

and『Asparagus』with sauce again!

and『Garlic』with salt!

Very tasty!Let’s have some more food xD
『Potato fries (Anchovy sauce)』

I love this!

and we got more of the Kushiage!!

『Squid、Hotate、Beef kastu、and more! xD』



so melty!

▲ wooooo!!!!! crispy and melty xD

and 『Special Egg on rice bowl』!!


They have 15 dishes of this a day each day! so it is a must to reserve upon your arrival!!

▲ very tasty!

『Miso soup』

We highly recommend this place!