【Taberna de Espana FRAGANTE HUMO】Recently opened Spanish restaurant in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

good evening!
This is Yukachi!

Today I came to Ebisu to report a new restaurant 『Taberna de Espana FRAGANTE HUMO』!

▲ Here♪

The building is located in just 1 minute away from the Ebisu station.
FRAGANTE HUMO is on the 5th floor!

▲ Here♪

Sooooooo fancy♪

▲ The bar counter!

This place seems to be good for coming to eat alone too♪

▲ Looking relaxing♪

▲ This is our table!

Half private room xD♪

▲ Drink menu!

The variation is big xD

▲ Cheers!

We are having Whisky soda as always xD

Today we got『Dewars』!

▲ The food menu!

Everything is tempting !!


▲ The waiter explaining the details of Japanese beef dish..

『Pintxos Bar』

The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink) here is amazing!

We can choose the one we like from this bar♪

▲ And our first dish xD

『Tomato and sardine marinated salad』

Very very tasty…..!!!!!

▲ The second dish xD

This was my best favorite dish of the day! A dish from Basque!

▲ Cheers again♪


▲ The third dish!

The main dish! Smoked Japanese beef『Kamenoko grill』
It took 40 minutes to grill slowly and nicely.
The onion and garlic are so delicious too….

The sauce was creamy and tastes so gentle…. It was such a beautiful match with this meat…

▲ Then the forth dish was this salad.

Appetizer but good for the stomach to take a pause.

▲ Then the fifth dish!

This makes the drinks so enjoyable!

▲ and we got a bottle of sparkling wine xD

so refreshing one xD

▲ nice xD

so delicious xD

▲ The last dish is this!

『Karamari ink Paella』

Super rich and delicious xD^^

and we got this….!!!!『Birthday plate』

As we were celebrating one of our friend’s birthday this evening^^

▲ Yayyy!

Such a nice evening ♪