【KIRIN】Premium quality Yakitori in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)


This is Yukachi!


Today I am in Ebisu!

▲ I introduce this place♪

The place we can enjoy Kyoto chicken!

▲ This is the bar!

We are seated here♪

▲ Cheers!♪

▲ Menu 1

They have course menu as well!♪

▲ Menu 2

Everything looks tempting…♪

Let’s order!

『Chicken Sashimi plate』

Woo so fresh!

▲ Skewed♪

Very tender and rich♪

▲ more skew

Makes our drinks more enjoyable♪

▲ and more

The texture is amazing♪

▲ and Gin-nan

very seasonal and delicious♪

▲ more drinks

Whisky soda is good with Yakitori too♪

▲ and

my favorite hastu (heart of chicken)♪

▲ the kitchen

I am getting full now but there are some more I want to try^^

▲ This one is called “Chouchin”

It is melty♪

▲ and Liver

I loved it♪

▲ Then the last dish

Juicy Shiitake and the soup

▲ My friend♪

We enjoyed this place so much♪