【Canned Crab Bar】Crab party in the center of Tokyo! (Yoyogi-Uehara)

I am Kaede, the owner of a bar called BAR AUNN.

Today I would like to share my experience with a crab bar called 「Canned Crab Bar」in Shibuya area!

It is only 2-3 minutes walk from the Yoyogi-Uehara station!

The sign of the house is this!

▲ House wine for 100 yen?? Isn’t it too cheap?

In this house, even the Otoushi (The appetizer comes with the first drink) is a crab dish xD

▲ this is for two persons! So much!!!! xD

▲ My full smile with a friend xD

The house wine is really only 100 yen! And even a bottle is for 700 yen!!!
So reasonable!!!!!
And the beer is for 500 yen???? How is it possible xD??

▲ They have whisky too!!!! But not Shouchu my favorite,,,, why not?

▲ We ordered another potion of crab! xD

▲ Crab meat xD

And this is what we got as a side dish!
『Crab innards and bucket』

▲ It makes the cram meat taste richer!

And more food xD
『Teppan grilled Crab cream croquette』

▲ The depth of the taste is amazing! There is a bunch of crab meat in it!!

▲ It was cooked in this Teppan!

『Fresh vinegared cabbage』

▲ It is only 100 yen!!!!!! So I got two potions xD

And more crab too!!!

▲ 300g

『Karamari garlic grill』

▲ This is such a grate beer snack!!!!

We ordered a pasta dish too xD

『Kani bonara』

▲ It contains a lot of crab meat and with the cheese it is super tasty xD

『Osaka style Karamari okonomiyaki』

▲ The sticky texture is nice with the egg and karamari xD

This is only 300 yen!!!!! I cannot believe it!!!!! xD

Now I am too full and too happy xD

This house seems to be opened till 3 am!!!
I am sure to come back here whenever I wanna eat crab xD

▲ Maybe I can even come here alone!!!

▲ and with a big group of people too xD

▲ As you can see everything on the menu is reasonable!!!!

Thank you 「Canned Crab Bar」! We enjoyed the dinner so much xD