【Namikibashi Ebisu YORUNOMORI】New style of Local pub in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo)

Good evening!

This is Ebizo reporting tonight!

I came to Shibuya/ Ebisu area for dinner today!

▲ This is the place!♪

▲ The sign to the house!

The house is thin and long!

▲ Many different Obanzai are on the bar!!!

▲ Traditional menu on the wall!♪

Let me investigate the house as this is the first time for me to come here xD

▲ We can see the kitchen xD

▲ A small hidden private room!(^O^)/

Let’s order food xD

『Meat and potato』(*´ω`*)

This is called *NIKUJAGA*(´▽`) a typical Japanese appetizer makes us warm to remember home xD

『Sashimi plate』

Woooooo! Can you tell the quality of the Tuna with the photo? It is so fresh and very tasty!!!!
They are all sent directly from Sendai where the owner is coming from!


We can choose what we want from many different oden ingredients!!!! I got my favorites xD

The soup stock is very special and tasty!!!!

▲ Shouch with soup stock top up????

What does that mean????? I have never heard of such!

We asked the owner what this is and she said that it is how it sounds! Meaning that they pour the soup stock into alcoholic drinks!!!!

LOL!!!! I shall definitely try one!!!

So I chose

『Sake with soup stock』

It is actually very delicious…..
I can drink a lot…….

But Sake is Sake and very strong so I shall stop after two of this xD

The Sake is also coming from Sendai!!!

▲ They have various Sake from Sendai!!!

Let’s have a main dish now!


Yuuuuuuuuuum xD

▲ A photo shot with everyone xD♪

Everything was delicious and I love the atmosphere very much!

Thank you very much for the nice dinner!!!!!