【Torikado】Luxury Yakitori experience in Meguro! (Tokyo!!!)

Good evening! This is Neko speaking!
Today I came to a new eestaunrant in Meguro!


It is called「Torikado」!

This is the sign!


▲ In the basement!


▲ Japanese pickles and vegetables with meat miso

I am so excited!!!

▲ I am having ginger high ball (whisky soda with ginger)



Very nicely cooked! With raw wasabi it is amazing!


Super delicious xD



『Potato salad』

This potato salad is unique! Its creamy like mashed potato and tasty…. With the meat flakes underneath the potato, the taste is special..





Very nice texture and inside its melty…..

This makes me happy xD

『Lever pesto』

The inside is like this.

It is like a sweets.


The balance between the meat and the fat is beautiful.

『Yodare tori』


The seasoning is sophisticated!



Our last dish of the day is this one!




This is such a beautiful dish!


This place is hard to make a reservation but try it coz it serves everything in very good quality!!!!!!


Its so enjoyable!!!!!