【ABECHAN Bekkan】Super popular Kushiyaki place in Azabujuban! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening!
This is Aika Kimura reporting tonight!

▲ Tonight, I am here in Azabujuban!♪

「Abechan」is a very popular place and we need a reservation in advance but their second brunch is less-known and it is my hidden favorite place!!

▲ It is located on the second floor!

It was 7pm when I arrived but it was already very busy!!

▲ My first dish here is always this one!『Stewed beef innards』¥650

This is a very popular dish and big groups order this for each person!!!!

『Mimigaa』 ¥460

Pig ear! The Okinawan dish!!

The Miso dip is delicious and I am in love with this!!

『Roasted sesame Gobou salad』¥460

The Gobou they use here is wild and thick! The texture is very nice and I love it!

『Duck Tsukune』 1 skew ¥230 and 『Pork cartilage』 1 skew ¥170

The Duck tsukune tastes richer than the ordinary chicken tsukune!!
It went sold out with my order so it also seems to be a popular one!!

The Pork cartilage is a hard work for jaw lol but the taste is awesome!

『Shiro』and『Lever』 1skew ¥170

This shop’s homemade sauce is gorgeous! And I enjoy cabbage with this sauce too!!! I highly recommend it!!!

The last dish for the day is this!

『Tebasaki』 ¥310

Since so many people are waiting in a cue, I should leave now but again everything was very much enjoyable and satisfying xD