【DANDADAN Sakaba Shibuya brunch】Juicy Gyouza dumplings in Shibuya! (Tokyo!!)


This is Ebizo tonight!
Today I am in Shibuya area!

▲ and came to this place! For dinner


▲ Very much full house!!!

We waited a bit and called.. so lets order food!

▲ we started the night with beer and『Cabbege with Yuzu citrus』

I recommend this appetizer! It is very tasty and goes so good with beer!!

『Juicy meat Gyouza dumpling

This is the house’s specialty!!

▲ yayyyyy!!!


▲ sooooo juicy! We don’t need any dip!!!



woooooo! Very much cpicy and super tasty xD

『Half-boiled egg with Mozuku』

Such a wiered combination but it is tasty!!! Lol

▲ We are very very happy!!!!