【Sumibiyaki Horumon MANTEN Nishi-shinjuku brunch】Izakaya specialied in the “Innards”! (Shinujuku, Tokyo)

Good evening!


This is Ebizo!

Today I am in Shinjuku! To experience a newly opened restaurant here!

▲ The building!♪

▲ Its located on the 6th floor!

Lets go!(^O^)/

▲ The bar!

▲ The tables



Lets order!!


▲ This was the Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks)


『Shiro Senmai Sashi』


『Gatsu sashi』


『Stewed innards』

『Boiled tongue』




This one is to bbq!!

『9 Innards plate

▲ BBQ time!


『Fat pork Harami』

▲ We eat it like this.♪


『Anchovy rice ball』

This is actually my best favorite! xD

I ordered this for taking home but I ate it here xD


Thank you for the nice dinner today!!