【NONBEE Ebisu】Izakaya to enjoy both Wine and Sake! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)


This is Neshii!
Tonight I would like to report one of the pubs in Ebisu!

It takes only 5 minutes from Ebisu station!

▲ It is located in this building!

Looking like this in daytime!

▲ ♪

▲ We go down the stairs!

▲ and the door in front is the one!

▲ The red lantern is the indication!

This house is full of female customers! It is not common for Izakaya to have more female ppl than male ppl!

▲ My first drink is Sapporo beer!

The menu is this!

▲ They have many dishes suit Sake, and another many for wine!!!

▲ more menu xD




▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink) was this『Yodaredori』

This was a quality Otoushi!


House’s popular dish『Tapas on plate』

▲ 7 different Tapas!!!!!!

How nice xD

Let’s enjoy one by one xD



▲ The contrast of the texture outside and inside is beautiful!!

▲ These make me want to have wine!!!!!


▲ They are all so tasty!!!!!

My best favorite was this omelet with anchovy and ikura!

『Chammy pickles』

mmmmmm…… This is soooooo perfect with beer!!!

This plate is like a trial of 7 dishes and when you know your favorite you can order a full potion of it for they are all regular menu of the house!

I am going to have Sake now xD

This is it!


▲ This Sake called『Mii no Kotobuki』has two different labels but the Sake itself is the same thing.

It is a spicy one with alcove 14 per cent!


▲ Delicious!!!


『Akadori zenbu mori』






with sesame oil


▲ This one is light and tasty!

With each munch, the taste gets richer!

▲ My friend enjoyed this a lot!!


▲ They gave us Chuppachupps xD♪

Next time we must try wine here!!(‘ω’)♪