【JubanUkyou】Place to enjoy Sea urchin in Azabu! (Roppongi area, Tokyo!!)


This is Neko speaking!
Today I introduce a place called「JubanUkyou」!

▲ Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink) was this!

It’s a cld soup. very tasty!

『12 vegetable salad』

All vegetables are fresh and the crispy nuts is nice too!!!

『Hiyayakko woth Onion and Myouga on top』

Their home made soy sauce is awesome!!!

『Japanese omelet』

So thick and tastes beautiful♪

The soup stock they use to prepare this is coming out in mouth!!

『GIndara Saikyouyaki (super thick slice)』

This is the house’s specialty and it is amazing!♪

『Juicy sea urchin shumai 』

woo the sea urchin is truly juicy♪



『Foie gras on rice with Japanese sauce』『egg on rice with truffle』


How gorgeous!!!

▲ we two girls share the two to enjoy both dishes xD