【Kyushu cuisine MARUKYUU】Kyushu Cuisine with quality vegetables and yakitori in Koenji! (Shinjuku area, Tokyo!!)

Good evening♪
This is coiku

Today I would like to repot my dinner with my colleagues♪

Yes I am a vegetarian and this is a Yakitori place..
I decided to report this dinner experience because even vegetarians can enjoy the meal here♪
It is located in front of Hikawa shrine! It is called 【MARUKYUU】

▲ It is easy to find♪

And the house is super cheerful♪

▲ I love this atmosphere♪

They have both Japanese menu and English menu♪
And the variation of the food is enormous!

▲ More menu on the walls♪

The bar counter is full too♪

▲ It seems to be a good place for dinner alone♪

My colleagues ordered many Yakitori!

▲ They have ordered 10 different kinds♪

And for me, Onion, Shiitake mushroom and Asparagus♪

▲ Onion♡

Since I am a vegetarian, I cannot eat Yakitori but I love the sauce for Yakitori thus These skewed vegetables are awesome!♡
The freshness and sweetness of the onion is beautiful♪

Asparagus is with salt as recommended♪

▲ Natto in fried Tofu bag♪

The crispy fried Tofu is gorgeous with the flavor of Shiso leaves and the natto is !♡
I ate all at once coz it is so delicious and I feel healthy at the same time♪

▲ Grilled eggplants♪

This one supposed to have a lot of fish on top but since I’m a vegetarian I asked them to exclude them.
The warm and tender eggplants together with Citrus spices and onions taste beautiful!!
I feel that I can eat three plates of this food!! xD

▲ Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink)♪

This cabbage was so fresh and tasty, so I ate them all while my friends are enjoying their Yakitori♪

▲ Vegetables salad♪

This was ordered by my colleagues♪
It was so tempting I took one broccoli!
I love how to prepare the vegetables and the dressing is perfect!

This makes me completely happy♪

▲ And this is”Ise Udon” it is a special Udon originally comes from Isa city♪

We all wonder why displace a Kyushu cuisine house serves Ise Udon!
But it tasted so we don’t care anymore!lol
It’s not too sweet and it is healthy. Our stomachs got healed.

▲ Takana on rice♪

This contained meet so I took the small potion without it and I loved it♪ xD
Takana in Kyushu cuisine is really the best as it a is Kyushu specialty!

▲ Ramen♪

My colleague who is over 70 years old has ordered this♪
He says that this shiny soup tastes amazing♪

▲ with the owner go the house♪

I love the customer service quality in this house♪ everyone is so friendly!
And I appreciate for the great food♡

Was fun and tasty and I am highly satisfied!!
Thank you very much!!

Since they have many different dishes, even vegan people can enjoy the meal here♪