【CHAOTHAI Shibuya Higashiguchi brunch】Great variations of Thai cuisine in Shibuya! (Tokyo!)

This is HALOO

Today I and my colleague looked for a nice Thai lunch and found this place in Shibuya♪

▲ Near Shibuya station♪

▲ ランチもディナーもメニューが豊富ということで楽しみ♪

▲ By the stairs there are many cultural objects displayed♪

Let’s go inside then♪

▲ wooohooooo♪

▲ They sell Thai products♪

So wanna eat Thai!!!!!!

▲ Look how many different dishes they have!!

▲ They are for the lunch time♪

▲ and they are for the dinner time♪

We ordered a set menu♪

This is my firnd’s♪

▲ TomYumKun Ramen set♪

Fried rice and Rice noodle salad came together♪

▲ The herb aroma is so beautiful♪

▲ I took the soup from friend’s dish♪笑

It is rich but refreshing and so tasty♪

▲ And this was mine♪

The sauce is delicious and i could eat the white rice so much even tho white rice is not my best favorite♪

This came with,,,

▲ cabbage salad and rice noodle salad、


▲ soup as well!!!

I love this Rice boodle salad and I want it a lot more xD

Even a dessert came together♡

▲ The house is full♪

▲ But relaxing♪

Would like to come back again♪