【Sour Stand 8】Standing bar specialized in drink called “Sour” in Nagano! (Shinjuku area, Tokyo!!!)

Good evening!
This is Ebizo!

Tonight I am in Nakano to experience so-called “Sour stand 8” a “Sour Bar”!!

Do you know what the drink called “Sour” is? I will explain that too!!!

▲ This is the sign board!

Let’s go inside♪Hello(^O^)/

▲ Look how fancy this place is!!

It is actually a standing bar!!

▲ The manager!

Very friendly guy(^_-)-☆

▲ They are all “Sour” menu!

So now, “Sour” is alcoholic drink which is usually based on some liqueur and importantly soda added!

The first drink is this!

▲ This is a cocktail with clam and tomato juice with bacon!

How unique!!!!!


and the first dish we got is this!!

Cheese with Salmon 

Very tasty appetizer♪

Yakuzen Terrine

Yakuzen????? such an unique dish!(^^)!


All of them are delicious♪

▲ and more menu!!!

What I took was this!

『Smoky Houji-tea creamy cocktail』

I was too curious about this and needed to order it to know what the heck it is! xD

▲ They smoke it before my eyes!?

This contains vanilla ice-cream too!!!!! woooooo the combination with the Houji-tea is super beautiful!!!

I enjoyed this evening so much !!!! I feel comfortable to come here alone coz I can always speak with the friendly manager at the bar (*^^)v

Thank you♪