【Motsuyaki to Wine ★ Captain】a very nice wine pub was found in the『Hobo Shinjuku Norengai』!!!


This is HALOO
Today I keep investigating the 『Hobo Shinjuku Norengai』♪

▲ This is the place!!

Today I am with my fried who is “the king of pubs” in this area!

The place he took me today is

「Motsuyaki to Wine ★ Captain」

▲ Let’s go♪


▲ It is already relaxing♡

▲ nice atmosphere♡

▲ Look how lovely this place is♡

▲ the menu♪

▲ Food menu!

I asked “The king of pubs” to choose his recommendations for me!

▲ My drink is grape drink (liqueur)♡


▲ yayyyyyy♪already so much fun♪笑

it is super tasty♪
I felt that i can drink so much of this so in order to slow down i put some soda♪lol

▲ ♪

The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks) was this♪

▲ Mozzarella cheese and two kinds of tomato♡

The contrast of two different tomato is beautiful♡so happy♪

『Broccoli mayo』

Mayo is house made! It is made of extra virgin olive oil!
and it contains black olives too♡ super delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

I dropped my jaw xD

▲ My friend is already having his second drink♪

▲ He drinks Hoppie♪

▲ and cheers again♪

▲ This is his favorite dish!

and drink more♪

▲ lol

It is still 5pm though!!

▲ !!!

And he chose this dish for me, considering my preference that he knows so well♪

『Carbon gril Avocado butter soy sauce』is the name of this.lol

It was unbelievably delicious and I said that I can eat 40 more of this!!!!!! seriously!!!!!

▲ too happy♡

I cannot ask for more coz this dish made my day!!!
I will come here again for sure!!!! xD

Thank you so much!!!!!