【Yogen Cafe】Authentic coffee and spiritual experience with Christianity in Takadanobaba! (Shinjuku area, Tokyo!!!)

Good afternoon♪

This is coiku

Today I would like to introduce a fantastic cafe in Takadanobaba!
It is called「Yogen Cafe」

▲ It means “Fortune telling Cafe”

Walking along the train truck,

▲ You find a lace looks this♡

▲ The menu tells that it is an authentic coffee shop。

the have the terrace area and it is bigger than it looks from outside.


▲ Very nice atmosphere!

Let’s go inside♪


▲ This is the waiting area for this cafe is always full with ppl who love coffee and who like the fortune telling service!

I am also super interested in the Fortune telling service!!

▲ So many people♪

▲ The menu was like this.

Super!!!! The coffee selection is amazing!!!

▲ woooooo I cannot decide which one to go!


▲ This special offer「Panama gesha」was too tempting♡


▲ Here is my coffee!!

fruity sour aroma and sweet flavor♡

I stopped drinking coffee seven years ago but when i rarely do i go only to an authentic coffee shop where good quality coffee is served.
I only like delicious coffee…..lol

I feel very lucky to be able to have this cup of coffee at this special price!

▲ They prepare coffee at this bar.

Since the house is super busy all the time the waiters are always working hard♡

and! surprisingly!!!! the writers here are the ones who deliver us the fortune telling message.

It is operated by a church and people working here are the servants of the god.

▲ We all wait for the fortune telling enjoying the coffee for the fortune telling service is offered for free of charge♪


I see couple, family, friends, and solo, variety of people here♡

The message i received was very very special to me and touching…

I would love to tell you how amazing it was not mentioning personal info. lol

The divine message was actually something very positive and encouraging and it really speaks of my personal worries even though they don’t know me…..

I would like to come here ever month…..!!! seriously!!!!!♪

And every Monday they have an event♪

▲ on this stage

I was there on Monday♪

▲ a singer appeared with a guitar♪

▲ sounds very nice actually!

The lyrics was on a projector and we can sing along this beautiful song!!!

a song to deliver to the god♡

Very relaxing and feels nice♡


It was such a nice experience♡
I want to taste different coffee too♪

I appreciate for this amazing time