【KINJOUAN main brunch】Soba restaurant operating nearly 100years! (Waseda, Shinjuku area, Tokyo!!!)


This is coiku!!!

Today I was in Waseda area with my colleagues and looked for a place to lunch♪

and encountered this fantastic Soba restaurant !

「KINJOUAN main brunch」is the place!

▲ This is the entrance!

sooooo classic!



▲ Hello!

Nice house!

▲ Clean and shiny!

▲ The menu

I wanted to have some Sake with Soba definitely but it was our lunch break so I hesitated.. lol

▲ I got this Cold tomato while waiting for Soba xD

but Soba came so quickly!!!! xD

▲ This is for my colleague xD

Warm Kitsune Soba xD

▲ and mine is this♪

Torero seiro soba

The texture of the Soba is fantastic and I lost my words……

i could eat this forever!!!!

Love this torero as well!!!

Other colleagues were having,,,

Cold Soba with Oyakodon! a set menu!

▲ They say that it was super tasty!

We are truly satisfied and surprised to know what 100yo Soba shop can offer…♡
It was really the best Soba I had.

▲ They have many different dishes.


▲ so happy xD♪


I highly recommend this place!