【CAFE AALIYA】Super popular french toast cafe in Shinjuku!


I am coiku
Today, I would like to introduce my best favorite cafe that i keep visiting over 17 years!

It is located in front of the Shinjuku-Sanctome crossing!「CAFE AALIYA」is the place! It has been operating for 38 years as a coffee shop!!

This place is known as a french toast cafe since 27 years ago when it started to serve their original french toast!

Let’s go inside then♪

▲ Hello♪

It is weekday early evening but already very busy!!♡
When we type「CAFE AALIYA」in a search engine、「full」is the word follows as an expected word..!
However, even when it is fully seated, the space is very relaxing♪

▲ This is the bar at they prepare drinks ♡

▲ It is completely full house♪


▲ We are seated here!♪


▲ This is the menu♪

They specialized in authentic coffee and tea so the quality is guaranteed♡

and their most popular dish is this!

▲ THE french toast♪

They have many different toppings too♡

▲ Look at this variation♪


▲ seasonal specialty♡


My friend got a regular french toast♪
and i got the salad of this house which i love♡
During the lunch time and dinner time these two come as a set menu♪
Today we came here between the two so i ordered the salad individually♡

Firstly the french toast arrived!♪

▲ This is what made this cafe so popular!

Fluffy and rich♡ It looks super tasty♪
My friend is over 40 and male, but enjoyed it a lot like girls do♡
This cafe is loved by all generation and both genders♡
It is a very reliable place!!! and I can take all my friends xD

And this is THE salad!!♡

▲ woooohooooooooo!!!!!♡

Under the lettus there is a bunch of cabbage♡
all vegetables are fresh and the boiled carrot and sweet corn are sweet xD♡
I gave the pieces  of hum to my friend♪ that’s what i always do lol
I am the happiest!!!!!♡

I ate this all at once like in a munite coz the dressing is also super and special……

and this delicious dish made me wanna eat something more actually♡


Cherry gerado french toast♡seasonal option♡

▲ woooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

yum yum yum yuuuuuuum♪ lol


▲ I got another bowl of salad♪ lol

Coz it is god damn delicious!!!!

Have you noticed something。。?
The dressing has different color from the first one!
It was red in the first one as for this second one has white color!

The secret od this cafe is that they have many different dressings which are all super delicious and special because they are all house made and

they randomly serve you one of them!

Since I have been coming here for 17 years i know all of them and i have my favorite ones♪
The red one is based on tomato and the white one is based on onion!♡

what a exciting system!♡

They also have other dishes as panini♪


Such a fantastic cafe xD